Light Yellow Merino Felt Sheet 8" x 12"

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Color: Light Yellow 

*In some batches of felt products, you will see remnants of natural and dark wool fur woven within the felt. This is unavoidable and part of the felt making process. This does not affect use or the appearance on the glitter side of the material. 

Size: approximately 8" x 12".

Material: made in Europe 100% merino wool felt Version:- There are times that the felt has fibers of others colors embedded into them due to the manufacturing of the felt sheets. This is more noticeable in light colors.

Use: Crafting projects, bows, flower crows, finger puppets, bags, home décor and much more

Care: Manufacturer does NOT recommend machine washing or using water to maintain quality and size of the material.

Due to the variations in monitor settings, the color may vary.  We do our best to capture the color(s) as exact as possible. 

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